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Posted on November 15 2023

Great News! 5-year UAE Green Residence Visa includes Skilled Employees, Investors, and Freelancers

By Editor
Updated November 28 2023

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Highlights of 5-Year UAE-Green Residence Visa

  • UAE introduced a new innovative Green Residence Visa
  • A UAE 5-year Green Residence visa can now be issued for private government employees.
  • This new change from UAE aims to attract skilled workers across the globe.
  • To be eligible for a Green Residence visa, employees must have a degree or specialized diploma.
  • Green Residence is valid for 2 years.

Green Residence Visa details

The main aim of introducing the Green Residence Visa is to boost the flexibility of the job market and to create an environment of increased stability for citizens and their family members in the UAE. The freelancers or skilled employees can enter the country without requiring a sponsor or employer in the UAE. This residence visa is introduced to motivate self-investments, giving 5-year residency for investors involving or taking part in commercial activities.

Read more….To know how to apply for a Green Residence Visa


  • Both freelancers and skilled employees must hold a degree or diploma certificate.
  • Freelancers must have a freelance permit issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  • Freelancers show an annual income of at least AED360,000 for two years.
  • Skilled employees must earn a minimum monthly salary of AED15,000 to qualify for this visa.
  • Both employees should show proof of funds to stay in the country.
  • Applicants should have a valid employment contract


  • The employees will be able to sponsor their children, spouses, and first-degree relatives.
  • They have the option to sponsor a son up to the age of 25 and no age limit for a daughter who is unmarried.
  • Those children who are specially disabled will be provided residence permits, irrespective of their age.
  • You can stay in the country for a grace period of 6 months even after your visa is canceled or expired.
  • Applicants of Green Residence visa can be eligible for 60-day work permit to process their visa.

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Web Story: Great News! 5-year UAE Green Residence Visa includes Skilled Employees, Investors, and Freelancers




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