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British Columbia PNP

British Columbia is the western-most of the 10 Canadian provinces. The province is also one of the last regions in North America to be explored and settled subsequently.

While Yukon and the Northwest Territories lie to the north of the province, the US states of Washington, Idaho and Montana lie towards the south. Alberta makes anotherneighbor on the east side. Most of the western side of British Columbia is taken up by the Pacific Ocean.

British Columbia is known for a diversity of climate and scenery that is unparalleled anywhere throughout Canada.

While the British Columbian society is one of the more British of the Canadian provinces, British Columbia is also one of the most ethnically diverse provinces in Canada.

BC is among the most urbanized Canadian provinces. Around 80% of its residents live in urban areas, with amajority living within the Vancouver metropolitan area itself. As the population is concentrated within a comparatively small area, British Columbia is of the least densely populated provinces in Canada.

Victoria in the provincial capital.

Other prominent cities in British Columbia include – Vancouver, Delta, Surrey, Burnaby, Kelowna, Langley District Municipality, Coquitlam, Richmond, and Abbotsford.

British Columbia is a part of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program [PNP].

The BritishColumbia PNP program– the BC Provincial Nominee Program [BC PNP] – offers a pathway for high-demand foreign workers, international graduates as well as experienced entrepreneurs for acquiring permanent residency in BC.

There are three main categories that an individual might apply to British Columbia PNPunder. Each of them has different immigration pathways or ‘streams’ available.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programstreams available




Skills Immigration [SI]

For foreign nationals that have the qualifications, skills, and work experience in demand with the employers in the province.

SI – Skilled Worker

SI – Healthcare Professional

SI –International Graduate

SI – International Post-Graduate

SI – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled

Express Entry BC

Aligned with the federal Express Entry system.

The BC PNP goes through the pool of candidates available and issues invitations to the candidates found to be most suitable.

EEBC – Skilled Worker

EEBC – Healthcare Professional

EEBC – International Graduate

EEBC – International Post-Graduate

Entrepreneur Immigration [EI]

For experienced businesspeople that wish to start a business in British Columbia as well as settle down in the province.

EI – Base Category

EI – Regional Pilot

Strategic Projects [for corporations]


British Columbia has a high reliance on economic immigration for promoting as well as sustaining growth in the local markets.

Tech talent is in high demand in British Columbia. Extended until June 2021, the BC PNP Tech Pilot offers an expeditedBritish Columbia immigrationpathway to skilled workers with job offers in any of the 29 key tech occupations.

For being considered for a nomination by British Columbia, the first part of the process is that of informing the provincial government of the intent to settle down in Canada within the province.

This intent is conveyed through registration with the Skills Immigration Registration System [SIRS], an online points-based application management system of the BC PNP.

It is through the SIRS that BC selects in-demand workers that are the most appropriate match for helping the province meet their labour market requirements.

A registration score is allotted by the SIRS when an immigration candidate submits their profile through the portal.

This is also referred to as the SIRS score.

The SIRS score is calculated based on the applicant’s education, work experience, language ability, job offer, and the location of their job in British Columbia.

It is at the time of creating a profile with the BC PNP Online that the applicant will be required to register for either of the categories – Skilled Worker, International Graduate, or Entry Level and Semi-Skilled.

No SIRS registration will be required for those applying through the International Post-Graduate or Healthcare Professional categories.


Such candidates can apply directly via the BC PNP Online.

Candidates with the highest registration scores are issued invitations, instructing them regarding the steps to be taken for submitting an application for a provincial nomination through the BC PNP.

Those receiving invitations to apply for a provincial nomination will have up to 30 calendar days for submitting their complete application.

The total number and frequency of invitations issued are to be determined by the annual allocation for nominations as well as the present processing capacity of the BC PNP.

Difference between EEBC and SI



Online application process

Paper application process

Aligned with the federal Express Entry system

Not aligned with the federal Express Entry system

Expedited processing by IRCC

IRCC processing time differs from that of the EEBC

Only for skilled occupations that come under Skill Level 0, A and B of the National Occupational Classification [NOC].

For all skilled occupations – Skill Level 0, A, B, C and D of the NOC.

Applicants to meet minimum criteria for any one of the 3* programs that come under the Express Entry System of Canada.

While prior work experience not mandatory for some categories, work experience might benefit an application.

*The Federal Worker Program [FSWP], the Federal Skilled Trades Program [FSTP], and the Canadian Experience Class [CEC].

In 2020, a total of 9,310 Canada immigration candidates received invitations from British Columbia through the BC PNP categories of SI and EEBC.

BC PNP draws in 2021


Total invitations issued so far: 1,934


·         Skills Immigration [SI]

·         Express Entry [EEBC]

·         Entrepreneur Immigration [EI]



Invitations issued



January 5, 2021



Certain occupations excluded.

January 12, 2021



Tech Pilot draw

January 19, 2021



Certain occupations excluded.

January 26, 2021



Tech Pilot draw

February 2, 2021



Certain occupations excluded.

February 2, 2021



Base Category

February 9, 2021



Tech Pilot draw

February 16, 2021



Invitations issued only to –

·         NOC 0621: Retail and wholesale trade managers, and

·         NOC 0631: Restaurant and food service managers.

[Note. – This draw was conducted separately.]



Temporary suspension on 31 occupations lifted.

Effective February 16, 2021, the BC PNP resumed issuing ITAs to the 31 occupations previously excluded from draws.

February 23, 2021



Tech Pilot draw

March 2, 2021



Invitations issued only to –

·         NOC 0621: Retail and wholesale trade managers, and

·         NOC 0631: Restaurant and food service managers.



Included the 31 occupations previously excluded due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

March 9, 2021



Tech Pilot draw

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What is the BC PNP’s Skills Immigration [SI] pathway?

The SI of the BC PNP offers a pathway to Canada PR for those with the skills, experience as well as qualifications required by the employers within British Columbia.  

Do I need a valid job offer to register for the SI of the BC PNP?

Generally, a valid job offer – for a full-time, permanent job with an eligible BC employer – will be needed. 

However, a job offer is not required if applying under the SI – International Post-Graduate category.  

What is the SIRS?

SIRS stands for the Skills Immigration Registration System [SIRS], an online points-based application system. 

Why does the BC PNP use the SIRS?

With a limited number of nominations allotted by IRCC annually, often the volume of applications received might exceed the nomination spaces available.  

The SIRS allows BC PNP to ensure that –  

  • Candidate selection is as per the requirements of the local labour market, and 
  • All applications that are received are processed without the need to stop accepting applications.  

SIRS is flexible, transparent and manages BC PNP applications in an efficient manner.  

How do I register with the BC PNP for Skills Immigration?

Begin by creating a profile with BC PNP Online and registering for the categories of Skilled Worker, International Graduate, or Entry Level and Semi-Skilled.  

Is SIRS mandatory for all categories under BC PNP’s skills Immigration?

Not required if applying under SI – Healthcare Professional or SI – International Post-Graduate categories. Such individuals can directly apply via BC PNP Online.  

What is assessed by the BC PNP for SIRS score?

The SIRS assesses [1] key economic factors that include – NOC skill level of job, annual wage being offered, and location of job in BC; [2] factors that affect ability of settling in BC such as proficiency in the English language, a higher level of education etc.  

Am I automatically entitled to work in BC if the BC PNP nominates me for Canada PR?

No. A BC PNP nomination for Canada PR does not provide the nominee with the legal status to work in BC. An application will have to be made to IRCC for Canada work permit.  

What is Express Entry BC?

Linked with the federal Express Entry system, the EEBC stream of the BC PNP offers an expedited pathway for a skilled worker to acquire permanent residence in British Columbia.  

How many can be invited annually by the BC PNP?

The frequency and number is as per the annual allocation by IRSS. The number of invitations that are issued by the BC PNP will also depend on their ability for ensuring timely processing of applications. 

What is an ECA?

An Educational Credential Assessment [ECA] will be required as verification that an individual’s foreign degree or diploma etc. is valid and equivalent to Canadian credentials.  

Will an ECA help my SIRS score?

An ECA fetches points that are added to the registration score of a candidate.  

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