Australia Dependent Child Visa (Subclass 101/102/802/445)

Complete your dream family picture as your children join you in Australia


Life abroad, without a family can be quite a challenging and lonesome prospect and what makes it worse is if you have children back home who miss you. A child born in Australia automatically receives an Australian citizenship if one of the parents is an Australian citizen or holds an Australian PR.

However, if a child is born outside Australia, he or she requires: 

  • A permanent visa, if either of the parents is an Australian citizen
  • An Australian citizenship if one of the parents is an Australian citizen.

Dependent Child Visa in Australia is divided into four subclasses, namely: 

  • Child Visa 101
  • Child Visa 102
  • Child Visa 802
  • Child Visa 445

Your child is eligible for an Australian Dependent visa if: 

  • You are an Australian citizen.
  • You hold a permanent resident visa for Australia
  • You are a citizen of the New Zealand.

Child Visa 101:

Children, who have one or both biological parents residing in Australia, are eligible for this visa. A child can live with the parents in Australia by availing this visa. To be eligible for this visa, a child must be under 18 years of age and must be born outside Australia.Visa application needs to be initiated at the home country and the child must be residing outside Australia at the time of application.   

Child Visa 102:

Children adopted outside of Australia by Australian parents, fall under this subclass. To be eligible for this visa, the child must be under 18 years of age and born outside Australia. Visa application needs to be initiated at the home country and the adoption process should either be in- process or completed, at the time of application. Foster parents or prospective foster parents would be required to submit proofs that they can support their child’s sponsorship. 

Child Visa 802:

Children currently residing in Australia, who require an extension on their existing visa, fall under this Visa subclass. It must be noted here that the parents are eligible to stay in Australia, at the time of application and must prove their sufficiency to sponsor the child during his or her period of stay. Parents can apply for this visa, on behalf of a child who is younger than 18 years of age. 

Child Visa 445:

Parents on a temporary partner visa can include their children under this visa category, if accompanied by their children. It is a temporary multiple-entry visa that allows the child to visit Australia until the parent’s permanent partner visa is approved. A parent can add the child’s name in the permanent partner visa application; post the approval of a temporary Partner visa. A child must be less than 18 years of age (or) must be financially dependent on the parent with the Partner Visa (if above 18 years of age) (or) fulfill the criteria for physical or mental disability and financial dependency; in order to be eligible for this visa. 

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The relationship between the Sponsor and the child should fall under one of the two categories, in order for the child to be eligible for child visa sub classes 101/102/802/445   

A child is: 

  • The biological child or adopted child of the eligible parent/s.
  • A step child under 18 years of age who is legally dependent upon an eligible step parent. 

In case of an adopted child, the adoption process should be completed before the parents are granted an Australian citizenship (or) an Australian permanent resident visa (or) are eligible for a New Zealand citizenship. 

 Eligibility criteria for Children under 18 years of age: 

  • A child must not have a spouse or de facto partner.
  • A child must not be engaged to be married.

Eligibility criteria for children between 18 – 25 years of age, who do not have a disability status that is preventing them from work: 

  •  A child must not have/had a spouse or de facto partner.
  • A child must not be engaged to be married later. 
  • A child must not be employed full time anywhere. 
  • A child must be a full-time student.

 Eligibility criteria for full-time students:  

  • A child must be currently enrolled and attending full-time courses that lead to a professional, trade or vocational qualification, upon completion of the course.
  • A child must enroll into the above mentioned courses, within six months of turning 18 years of age or within a reasonable time period after finishing school.

The child must be a full-time student at the time of applying for the visa. Gaps beyond six months between the final school year and tertiary education have to be backed by a valid explanation. 

Eligibility criteria for disabled children:

A disabled child is eligible for a visa if: 

  • As on today, the child is not engaged, married or have a de facto partner.
  • The child is not employed full-time anywhere.
  • The child is dependent on the sponsor parent.

Disability means that the child has total or partial loss of physical or mental functions that result in inability of the child to work. The child should be dependent on the parent for financial support. 

 Eligibility for parental responsibility: 

  • This visa is granted to children less than 18 years of age, if you prove one of the listed conditions: 
  • Legal consent that states the place where the child would continue to reside.  Laws of the country of origin that allow the child to relocate.
  • Applicability of an Australian child order.

The documents checklist provides the list of documents you must provide with your application to support this claim. 

In the best interests of the child: 

This visa will be granted to a child less than 18 years of age, if it is not against the best interests of the child. The section on Measures for the Protection of Children has more information regarding the same. 

Assurance of support: 

We might ask you to present an assurance of support to the child, so that child-welfare is not borne by the Australian community. Do not provide any documents for assurance of support, unless we ask. We will let you know when we need the assurance of support.

Health requirements: 

The child must meet certain health requirements. Health reports are usually valid for 12 months, the same applies for the dependent family members who are included in your application regardless of their migration. 

 Character requirements: 

A child older than 16 years of age must meet certain character requirements. You would be required to provide a police certificate for each country, where the child resided for a period of 12 months or more; for the past 10 years post turning 16 years of age. Do not seek police certificates until we ask you to get one. The same criterion applies to all the dependent family members included in your visa application who are older than 16 years of age. 

 Debts to the Australian Government: 

The child must have no outstanding debts that are payable to the Australian Government or an arrangement to repay any outstanding debt to the Australian Government. 


Following are the benefits associated with a Child Visa: 

  • Your child can travel indefinitely to Australia
  • Your child earns the right to study and complete his or her education in Australia, one of the best destinations to study as per the latest educational surveys! 
  • Your child is eligible for an Australian citizenship.
  • Sponsor eligible relatives to apply for permanent residence in Australia.

 Application Fees

Visa subclass 

Base application charge 

Non-internet application charge 

Additional applicant charge  for child a child aged 18 years and above 

Additional applicant charge for a child less than 18 years of age

Child (Subclass 101) 





Child (Subclass 802) 





Child (Subclass 102) 





Child (Subclass 445) 





Y-Axis Process

Our deliverables for an Australia visa registration are:   

  • We will assign a process consultant to assist you with the documentation process. 
  • Our process consultant will advise you at each and every stage of the visa application process.   
  • Our process consultant will provide a step-wise document checklist and assist you with the pre-requisites for documentation and suggest the alternative documents, if applicable. 
  • Our process consultant will provide sample documents and assist you wherever necessary. 
  • Our process consultant will advise you with the type of documentation required for health and character certificates.

Program Details

  • We will discuss in depth, the particulars of your case and assign a Process Executive, who will handle your case extensively.
  • You will receive timely status updates from our process Executive.
  • We will counsel you on the necessary documentation, and suggest alternatives, wherever applicable.
  • We will represent you to the Australian immigration officers and other concerned authorities, during your application process.
  • We provide exhaustive counselling on health and character requirements for the visa process. Our experts come with years of experience in this field. 

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Why should you file your migration petition this month?

Why should you not delay?

Rules may change. Everything has a quota!

Immigration rules are volatile and governments are always debating whether to close the door or whom to close the door on. Don’t take the rules for granted. Apply now when you are eligible! You may not be eligible, a few months from now.

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Your kids adjust better and learn faster when younger. Remember, this opportunity is for them too.

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If you are not married, it will improve your profile and get you a better partner.
It is never a bad thing to hold a PR visa that allows you to work & live overseas. 
It is never a bad thing to hold an additional UK, Australia, Germany or Canadian Passport.

No kids? Even better

If you are married and do not have children yet, your kids born inside the country will become Naturalized Citizens automatically.

You may change your mind

You or your spouse may change your mind later and may miss on something good in your life and for your children. 

Treat your migration petition as an investment for the future – yours and your children. Apply for it now, watch it mature later. Avail of the benefits all your life.

So, why should you sign up now, because you need to strike when the iron is hot!


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