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Y-Axis is India's No.1 Overseas Career Consultant.Established in 1999, our 30 company owned and managed offices across India, London and 850+ employees have served over 100,000 happy customers.

Y-AXIS also employs and works with regulated & accredited immigration lawyers in our own offices in London & Canada and partner offices in Australia and New Zealand. Over 50% of our customers are from word of mouth. No other company understands overseas careers like we do.

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Resume Marketing

Step 1: If you are sure which country you want to apply to you can sign up for our service without an evaluation. For clients who are unsure which country is the best option for them or which country is in dire need of their skills, we ask that you sign up for advisory report and you will be given a detailed report that will help you make a decision as to which country you need to apply to.

Step 2: Once you have signed up for our Resume Marketing Service after the advisory report, we develop an international resume that showcases your strengths as an expert. 

Step 3: We then announce your availability by posting your resume on what we call the Essential Checklist (ECL). This includes top employers in your industry/occupation, top placement agencies in the city/state of your choice & posting your resume on top jobsites in the country you have chosen. Our ECL  is comprehensive, has been built over many years and is constantly updated with the latest data.

Step 4: Once this is completed, the next thing we do is to apply to all the current job openings (Y-Jobs) for the rest of the duration of your service.

Along with this we will also send your profile to other employers and recruitment agencies (Y-Directories) pertaining to your industry.

Step 5:  Y-Social is your presence on the internet. In this day and age, employers bank on social networking sites to recruit the right person. Y-Axis understands the importance of  a good social profile and we help you to enhance your LinkedIn profile.

Step 6: When you receive a response from an employer, we will help you to coordinate with the employer and take it forward.

Step 7: Once you have secured your job, we will assist with Visa Processing Services for an extra fee. 

Once you are ready to relocation, our Relocation team can assist you with your Travel, accommodation, insurance, family visas and so on, to help you with a smooth relocation.

SAS Package

We have the experience, we have the expertise & many happy customers!  This is for those who want an overseas job but don’t have the time for dedicated job search or don’t know where to begin.


What is it?


Cover LetterCover Letter for your résumé. You can use it as an e-mail too.Standardized
Resume(Country Specific Format)Résumé in a specific country Format Profiles you as an Expert
Easy Readability for Recruiters
Standardized Format Sells your skills better Easy-to-read
Y-Essential Checklist and Y-SocialThe Essential List is a list of the most essential places that you need to be visible & where employers come looking for you. You have to be visible here.Y-Social will guide you to enhance your LinkedIn Profile.Be visible where you must be.Efficient: Tried and Tested List Effective: Goes to the target
Saves Time
Saves Money
Saves Guessing
Y-JobsApplies to all open & active positions available in the chosen industry.Jobs on
Job sites
Company Sites
Y-DirectoriesZapping your profile to the related companies and recruitment agencies of the specific countryZapping to
Companies HR department
Consultancies/Recruitment agencies



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Y-Axis has an office in every major city in India. Also in London, Toronto and Melbourne. Walk-in for free counseling.

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