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What are the benefits of working in France?

Posted on September 28, 2020
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What are the benefits of working in France?

If you have planned an overseas career in France and have landed a job there and plan to move there, you will first need to know the benefits of working in France.

Working hours and paid time off

The working hours in France are only 35 hours per week and overtime is entitled for extra wages.

The allocation of a number of RTT days (Réduction du Temps de Travail) days compensates for the additional hours worked.

Regardless of age, seniority, or kind of contract, every employee is entitled to paid vacations from his or her company (indefinite-term or fixed-term). The length of paid vacations varies depending on the rights that have been secured (legally 2.5 days of paid vacation per month, unless more favorable collective bargaining agreement provisions apply). The vacation dates are subject to the employer’s approval.

Employees are entitled to five weeks of paid holiday annually after they finish their one month of probation.

Minimum wage

The minimum wage in France, is 1,498.47 Euros (1,681 USD) per month with the average salary being 2,998 Euros (3,362 USD) gross (or 2,250 Euros (2,524 USD) net) for a full-time, private sector employee.

Here is a list of popular jobs in France and their wages:

Profession Average annual salary (EUR) Average annual salary (USD)
Construction 28, 960 32,480
Cleaner 19,480 21,850
Sales Worker 19,960 22,390
Engineer 43,000 48,235
Teacher (high school) 30,000 33,650
Professionals 34,570 38,790

 Tax rates in France

Income Share Tax Rate
Up to €10,064 0%
Between €10,065 – €27,794 14%
Between €27,795 – €74,517 30%
Between €74,518 – €157,806 41%
Above €157,807 45%

Social security benefits

As an overseas worker in France you are eligible for social security benefits provided you are staying in France for more than three months. You or your employer can apply for your social security number which will give you access to the social security scheme in France.


With a social security number, you will get access to the following benefits:

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Family allowances
  • Old age pension
  • Health and sickness benefits
  • Invalidity benefits
  • Accidents and occupational disease benefits
  • Death benefits
  • Maternity and paternity benefits

Your employer is required to pay up to 50% of your monthly public transportation pass if you travel public transit to and from work. All employees who have a monthly pass for the bus, metro, train, RER, or tram are subject to the law. In most cases, the reimbursement is made automatically through your paycheck.

Social Security pays for a portion of your medical expenses. You will be given a carte vitale to use at the doctor’s office, specialists’ offices, and when purchasing medications.

After a three-day waiting period, an employee who is absent of work due to illness is entitled to a daily payment if he or she follows specific formalities and meets the requirements. In the event of subrogation, this amount will be paid directly to the employer. The daily sick leave allowance is equal to half of the basic daily wage.

The daily allowance will be re-evaluated after three months. If the employee has at least three children, the daily payment is increased to 66.66 percent of the basic daily income after 30 days of sick leave. The daily allowance will be re-evaluated after three months.

If an employee’s work capacity and income have been decreased by at least 2/3 as a result of an accident or a non-occupational disease, the employee will be regarded an “invalid,” and he or she can file a demand with the CPAM for the payment of a pension disability to compensate for lost wages (French Health Insurance).

 Maternity and paternity leave

Maternity leave in France is 16 weeks for the first child, 16 weeks for the second and 26 weeks for the third child.  The leave period can begin up to 6 weeks before birth. The mother can take 8 weeks of leave on the birth of a child.

Paternity leave is 11 consecutive days for a single child, or 18 days for multiple birth.

Family benefits

If you live in France and have dependent children under the age of 20, you are entitled to family benefits for your children up to the age of 20 if you do not work or earn less than €893.25 a month (or age 21 for housing and family income supplement).

The following are some of the advantages:

Child benefit paid from the second dependent child

A flat-rate allowance for families with three or more children, which is lowered when the children reach the age of 20;

Families with three or more children who have a net household income of less than €45,941 are eligible for a family income supplement.

Workplace culture

French working culture is based on tradition, attention to detail, and a clear hierarchical structure.

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