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Temporary work permit to Nigeria made easy

Posted on June 27, 2017
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Nigeria Work Visa

People have been moving from their respective home countries to another for various reasons. To be specific most of all the developed countries draw skilled force from all across the world. These days every country is aiming for economic expansions. To sum it all development has driven migration. In return, the host countries provide immigrants with desirable jobs, higher wage, and benefits, safety for dependants and freedom of expression and an additional opportunity to use the benefits given to them without breaching the rules of the nation.

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has made it easier for foreign nationals to migrate to Nigeria to obtain good work opportunities. In order to get this permit, a Temporary work permit will be issued to all those expats who will be invited by the corporate bodies from streams such as Commissioning, Maintenance, Service for machinery and equipment, facilitation of training to local Nigerian skilled workforce, Capacity Building, Sales, Audit, Maintenance of financial records.

The validity for the Temporary Work Permit (TWP) is a minimum of 90 days initially.  Approval for this permit will be done by the Comptroller of Nigerian Immigration Services (CGIS). In the recent times, the process to apply for a temporary work permit has been reduced to 48 hours.

After you apply the corporate body in Nigeria approves the application and sends a request to the CGI stating the name of the visitor, passport details, origin, duration of the visit, and details to which province the visa is to be issued lastly a letter accepting immigration responsibility. Later the employer would attach a few more documents such as the profile of the company; the nature of work the expat will be doing and the duration of the contract. The CGIS then sends an approval to expat an approval for the TWP.

Requirements for the TWP

  • Evidence showing the approval of the TWP by the CGIS.
  • Letter of employment
  • Return ticket evidence
  • 2 recent colored photographs.
  • Acknowledgement of the visa application fee
  • A duly filled IMM/22A application form where the photos have to affix
  • Sum of €30.00 fee which is to be paid at the Embassy as administrative fees

Temporary work permits make it easy for foreign expats to make it to Nigeria. The Nigerian Immigration Services have begun to accept applications since the 20th of June via email. And you will receive an approval with the details of the post and the duration of the contract. Then you can begin the regular procedure of the work permit process.

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