UK’s Go International Website For Students Launched

A website Go International has just been launched by the UK Council for International Student Affairs department. The website contains lot of useful information for students. The aim of this website is to:

  • To provide central source of information on study and work opportunities for students
  • To provide comprehensive information on the benefits of studying and volunteering abroad
  • Details of sources of funding
  • It also aims to support students by providing the latest policy, research, statistics and case studies of studying abroad

It has been seen that less than 1% of UK students study abroad and almost half of these are language students. UK now wants international exposure for its own students just as it lays importance on those who want to study and work in its own country.

A research conducted in the country (CBI 2014 Education and Skill Survey) reveals that 37% of UK employers were dissatisfied with the graduates international cultural awareness skill and 51% were dissatisfied with the graduates’ foreign language skills.

Speaking on the occasion of launching the website, Greg Clark, Minister for Universities Science & Cities said, ‘”As part of our International Education Strategy, we are making it easier for students to gain further skills that will make them stand out to employers. By offering free, easy-to-access information, advice and guidance all in one place, this online platform gives students the best chance of turning their overseas ambitions into a reality.”

Source: UK Council for International Student Affairs  

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