UK Tourist Authority Report: UK is extremely welcoming to visitors

UK is extremely welcoming to visitors

Visit Britain, the organizational name used by the British Tourist Authority has published its quarterly report based on information from visitors to the Kingdom. The 144th issue of Foresight gives insight into past, present and future forecasts into inbound tourism. This year’s last report says that international visitors have more than doubled in the last half decade. Based on information from more than 5000 visitors, found that around 42% felt ‘extremely welcome’ compared to 30% in 2012 and a lesser percentage of 19 in 2009. The jump has been considerable from 19% to 42%. The reports also say that an overall majority of 89% felt either extremely welcoming or very welcome in Great Britain.

Of those numbers, Danes, Canadians, Sweden, India and USA have dominated the list. Foresight advocates that the real reasons for this growing movement are personal recommendation by tourists who have already visited the country, which has been more prominent than advertising, travel brochures or advertising. The Director of Visit Britain Patricia Yates has commented that by focusing on promoting the country’s great welcome as a part of UK Government’s Five Point Plan for Tourism.

Information and links provided by Visit Britain has helped tourists identify and connect with hotels, identify attractions, and tourist operators based on their language and comfort levels. In addition, public transport cards have been in partnership with the tourism ministry to make city travel easy. London for example has seen a demand for these Oyster card for more than half every year, with about 70,000 cards bought every month.

From the first three quarter reports of 2015, the numbers have increased by 3% more than last year to more than 27 million visitors. Lastly, inbound tourists spent around UKP Sterling 26 billion in 2013.

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