UK Gov’t proposes changes to Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer visa


India has been one of the top IT expert supplying countries to the UK on the Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) Visa. A committee set up to review migration policies and proposals on immigration to the UK, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has proposed changes to existing policies on third party contracting by Indian IT companies that work in Great Britain. Changes have been suggested by this consulting group as a component of ‘significant reducing’ the transfer of talented non-EU experts.

The limitations proposed include a new skills fee of UK£ 1,000 pounds for every year as per non-EU contracted workers; as such a large number of IT organizations do so regularly. Furthermore, there is limit on higher compensation and a new route for third party contracting under the new Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) visa. In a survey of the business related Tier 2 visa, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) particularly specified the Indian IT sector which transfers countless workers and yet was not profiting the UK work force in employment, skills or technology.

The survey perceives that India has an upper hand in skilled IT specialists and in the time it would take to completely up the expertise levels of the local populace, innovation would have proceeded forward, leaving them behind. The report additionally said this is a singularity to UK’s IT sector. The new skills levy of UK£ 1,000 pounds is required to raise a good amount of necessary income to create employment in Great Britain. Indian experts were given the biggest number of visas under Tier 2 in the most recent year. MAC prescribes another alteration for outsider contracting under the ICT visa option with a high compensation limit of UK£ 41,500 per person per year.

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Original Source: Hindustan Times

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