Thai citizens to get double entry e-tourist visas in India

Thai citizens to get double entry e-tourist visas

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on 17 June that Thai citizens will be entitled to double entry e-tourist visas soon.

Said to have been introduced with intent to lure more tourists from Thailand, Modi announced it during his joint statement with Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-chahere.

Modi said that he was introducing this deal in order to let more tourists come from Thailand and enjoy visiting Buddhist sites in India. He added that to celebrate

70 years of formation of India’s diplomatic relations, India would be holding the Festival of India in Thailand and India would be similarly host for the Festival of Thailand, which would be held by the Southeast Asian country.

PM Modi, remembering the strong relations between the two nations, said that stronger connectivity was necessary not only to develop bilateral trade relations further, but also to bring people of both nations closer and facilitate much more cooperation in the education, science, tourism and culture sectors.

Thailand is one of the more popular destinations in Asia for its beaches, Buddhist monuments and nightlife, among others. If you plan to visit Thailand, contact Y-Axis, which 17 offices across India, to advise and assist you in planning your travel.

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