Taiwan to make it easy for foreign professionals to get work visas

Taiwan make it convenient for foreign skilled workers to get work visas and permits

Tsai Ing-wen, President of Taiwan, said on 7 October that Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, will make it more convenient for foreign skilled workers to get work visas and permits in an effort to draw more talented workers from abroad. Included in the government’s endeavour is the launch of a website to facilitate employment seekers from foreign countries to scout for job opportunities at both private enterprises and government departments in Taiwan and also to get information about the general way of life in the country, the Central News Agency quotes Tsai as saying. The green energy industry is said to be particularly keen on luring foreign professionals, said Tsai during a meet with the domestic and overseas semiconductor industry representatives in Taipei. Present also at the meeting was the president and CEO of SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) Denny McGuirk. The President said that her administration was proactively pushing ahead with green energy development by revising relevant rules and creating an atmosphere that would allow the industry to function more efficiently.

She said that the government would make it hassle-free for the green energy industry and others to recruit overseas talent, she said. According to Tsai, the government would allow people from more countries to apply for visas online and ease the application process for visas and work permits in order that skilled overseas workers can take up a job in Taiwan.

Being a developed economy with huge economic potential, Taiwan would be an appropriate partner for chipmakers worldwide, she said.

As the semiconductor industry was one of the primary drivers of the ASEAN country’s economy, the government would do its best to deal with the concerns of chipmakers, said Tsai.

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