Students from India, Nigeria and Pakistan most likely to face U.K visa rejection!

 India, Nigeria and Pakistan most likely to face U.K visa rejection!

Students from India

Students from India, Nigeria and Pakistan and more likely to face visa rejection when applying for a visa to the United Kingdom, when compared to their counterparts from other parts of the world. It is purely because of the country they hail from. It is basically because of the past experience UK has had with students from these countries.

It has been observed that, the most common offense committed by these students is, they don’t return to their home country even after completing the course for which they had come to the UK. Stating the above mentioned statements as the strongest reasons, the country’s government has implemented stricter rules in this regard.  However, these rules do not apply to students from ‘’credible’’ countries as they are called.

Rejection not a good idea

The opinion of the NUS International Students’ Officer Mostafa Rajaai is worth a mention here. According to home, the entire concept is totally unfair and it is also changing the opinion of these students about the UK from positive to negative. The admission refusal rate of the non EU students is currently stagnant at 9 percent but the universities there, are working towards increasing this to 10 percent.

It has also been found that the universities in the UK have been told not to take in students especially from certain regions of Pakistan. This is being seen as the direct result of the announcement of Home Secretary Theresa May, that the students must be included among net immigrants that come into the country every year.

A significant drop

18 percent of the student population in Britain comprise of overseas students. Their current worth is 7 billion per year. However there has been a drastic drop in the number students since last year. The number fell from 10 percent last year to as low as 5 percent this year.

Original Source: MancUnion

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