Sikh-Americans Ask Modi to Address their Visa and Passport Issues

Sikh-Americans Visa and Passport Issues

The Sikh-American delegation has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address their visa and passport issues. The delegation said people who sought for political asylum in the 80s are facing a problem to renew their passports and a get visa to India.

One of the members of the delegation said, as quoted in Times of India, “The NRI Sikh community feels alienated as Indian Embassies refuse them visas or do not renew their passports depriving them to visit their families and take care of their investment in India because they applied for political asylums during the turbulent times in Punjab.”

Prime Minister Modi visited the Sikh Delegation and had an hour-long meeting with them, which no other Indian Prime Minister did in decades. He said that the concerns raised in the memorandum will be addressed and their issues amicably resolved.

Memorandum presented to the Prime Minister said “pressing issue in near future so that NRI Sikhs can also feel welcome in the process of building a new powerful India under your Leadership.”

The Prime Minister added that Sikh Community made a lot of sacrifices for India. He further spoke about the “Make in India” initiative by the Indian government to bring in foreign investment in India.

Source: Times of India

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