Russian President Putin gives visa-free system official go-ahead during FIFA World Cup 2018

Russian President Putin gives visa-free system

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill which legally allows soccer spectators possessing a ‘fan ID’ visa-free entry into Russia. This would be issued by the Russian Government during the time of the FIFA World Cup 2018 event and also for a period of ten days ahead of the tournament and after it.

In order to enter Russia, the fan ID holders would be required to provide an identification document, tickets to the matches and a document that validates the ticket purchase.

This procedure is said to be similar to the system used during Sochi Olympics held in 2014, which allowed spectators to transfer their personal data to an online database so that they obtain the identification document from the authorities in Russia.

The draft law ratified the visa-free entry, which was announced by Putin in 2014, to be passed in June by the two houses of the Russian parliament, the State Duma and the Federation Council.

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