Qatar will introduce labor regulation changes in 2016

Qatar will introduce labor regulation changes

The law known as ‘Kafala’ allows foreign immigrants to work in Qatar in its industries like oil, social sector and aviation sectors. The changes are being made in its overseas labor immigration laws which are scheduled to come into force by the end of next year. 14 months after being approved, the laws will come into force by the 14th of December 2016. Earlier changes never stated the dates in advance, which comes as a positive change to help probable migrants to start on the process earlier.

The changes to its regulation were brought into the schedule for future commission by the Emir of Qatar. The news out of Doha is issued at Law No. 21 of 2015, which from 2016 December will allow workers to make its easier to switch jobs, and affect entry and exit of expats residencies in Qatar. Current rules stated that after the sponsorships are over and done with for the foreign talents, they had to leave Qatar and go back to their homeland or such, and wait for a full two years before being granted a no objection certificate to move to another job. Fixed contractors can move without the earlier sponsors consent.

The scheduled time will give authorities, immigrants and sponsors to prepare for modifications to regulations. Law No. 21 updates the earlier Law No. 4 which states that expats from next years’ end do not need the sponsors consent to exit Qatar, which is case as of now. Foreign workers will need to inform the Ministry of Interior, Qatar, at least three business days before exiting the country. The changes will be welcomed with the hundreds of Indian blue collar workers who frequent the tiny Kingdom of Qatar for work

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