Pressure for post study work visa increases in Scotland

Pressure for post study work visa increases in Scotland

Y-Axis has been keeping well-informed on the debates in public opinion and Scottish Parliament on the future of the post study work visa for students studying in the region. Our last article on the subject

spoke about Scottish Politicians vying for the post study work visa to be brought back into regulation.

There is developing pressure to authorize a new post study visa plan in Scotland after Members of Parliament said current guidelines were harming universities and the economy. The UK government though is not convinced to bring back the scheme which was discontinued in 2012.

A Scottish Affairs Committee report said that the energy, health and economic industries were having specific difficulties in selecting skilled immigrant workers with the sum of non European graduates staying in the UK. The numbers took a dive of 80 percent since harder immigration rules were inducted in 2012. A recent report investigates the same issue, in which Universities Scotland has cautioned that the present framework has taken a toll the economy £250 million since it was presented. The board of trustees said strengthening the time limit for international graduates are given to discover skilled work from the present four months ought to be examined.

Advanced education in Scotland is drawing in and building up an abundance of ability yet the alternatives for holding that ability in the region are restricted and this should be tended to critically. While much consideration is given to the administration’s objective of lessening net immigration, there are worries that present regulations mean that Scotland cannot pull in the best and brightest. Even if Scotland can keep attracting talent, they are in threat of losing them if a post study is not made optional. A post-study work visa that permits capable international graduates to stay in Scotland to look for some kind of employment would advantage the progressive education sector and the moreover extensively influence the Scottish economy.

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