Pratap Singh, 15, of Indian-origin wins physics prize in the UK

Pratap Singh wins UK physics prize

Pratap Singh of India-origin recently won physics prize in the UK. | Image Credit:

A schoolboy of India-origin, Pratap Singh, has recently won Institute of Physics Prize in the United Kingdom. In a Big Bang fair conducted at Exhibition Centre in Birmingham in March, Pratap won a prize of 500 pounds for conducting an experiment. The test was to verify the effect of Special relativity by Albert Einstein.

The Economic Times reported Pratap Singh saying, “I am absolutely thrilled to have won the IOP prize. I am especially happy that over the course of this project I was able to bring together the theory, create a mathematical model, and using just school physics lab equipment build an apparatus to observe relativistic time dilation.”

The fair saw competition among 200 UK students in the finals. Many were awarded for their experiments at the fair, and Pratap was one of those lucky students who received a prize for his experiment. It is an important award as it is for performing a physics experiment.

Pratap Singh worked on a mathematical model using Raspberry Pi and few statistical analysis to show Albert Einstein’s model of special relativity.

Source: Economic Times | PTI

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