PM Narendra Modi’s Diwali Gifts to Indian Americans

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wooed the NRI community on Sunday at Madison Square, New York. Addressing a crowd of over 19,000, Modi made some key announcements to attract investments to India and make the “Make in India” dream a reality.

Modi was welcomed with the chants “Modi! Modi!” and a standing ovation – something Madison Square Garden never witnessed for a foreign politician ever. Many US Senators, representatives, and a governor attended the event, but they only received a polite applause.

Prime Minister began his speech and managed to pull the strings together – talked of things which most people were there to listen.  He bestowed his supporters with gifts one after the other:

  1. “Make in India”

Narendra Modi said, “My call to the world is ‘Make in India’.” It’s a long-drawn dream of Indians to float Indian products in the foreign markets. The announcement at the Madison Square Garden gives a ray of hope. It is likely to draw NRIs attention back to their motherland.

  1. Clean India, River Ganga

He laid emphasis on clean India and also River Ganga. To the crowd attentively listening to every word of his, he quickly asked, “Should the Ganga be Clean?” and the crowd erupted with a “Yes.” More to it, he also stressed on NRIs contributing and coordinating to improve the infrastructure, and eradicate poverty from India.

  1. VoA for the American Tourists

American tourists to India can now avail Visa-on-Arrival facility at the selected airports to begin with. Modi made this much awaited announcement amidst the cheers and chants of the 19,000+ people who made it to the venue from across America and Canada.

  1.  POI and OCI Schemes Merger

The POI and OCI schemes will be merged. “I have been told that due to differences between PIO and OCI people face difficulties, especially those who have spouses who are not Indians. I am happy to announce that we will merge the PIO and OCI schemes and make it into one”, added the Prime Minister.

  1. Permanent Residency to the NRIs

Presently, NRIs visiting India for a longer period have to report to a nearby police station, from the place of their stay, every six months. But that won’t be the case anymore. He added, “We will also give long term visas for US nationals. We will also set up visa on arrival facilities for you.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in the US on a 5 day visit. He is yet to the meet the US President Barack Obama and attend other engagements before he heads back home on the 30th of this month.

Source: First Post, Nytimes

Image Source: The New Media Express

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