Philippines embassy cautions Indians against fake visas

Philippines embassy cautions Indians against fake visas

Indians wanting to travel to the Philippines have been asked to verify the genuineness of their visas from the Southeast Asian country’s embassy.

The Times of India quotes the Philippines embassy as cautioning the Indian travel industry in an advisory that the number of fake visas being noticed at airports in their country had increased and travellers who have not visited the Philippines embassy or accredited travel agents should email their visa details to its embassy located in Delhi to verify if it is authentic or not.

Meanwhile, the TAFI (Travel Agents Federation of India) is said to have circulated the advisory entitled ‘Beware of fake Philippines visa’, which the Philippines tourism marketing office-India has issued to all travel agents. The advisory says that travel agents are required to inform their clients to not to acquire a fake visa for the Philippines from people with doubtful credentials.

According to travel agents, the western countries’ visa stickers come with greater security features and it is nearly impossible to fake them. A travel agent is of the view that probably the Philippines visa lacks a high-security design template, and that is the reason for the rise in fake visas.

Any person who travels to a foreign country on fake travel documents is immediately sent back.

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