New Zealand alters resident authorization to manage the immigrants to the country

NZ to manage the increasing number of immigrants to the country

Resident authorization laws in New Zealand have been modified by the Government to manage the increasing number of immigrants to the country.

The resident authorization approvals will be reduced by 5000. The parent group of the skilled visa group is being provisionally closed and the points required for the skilled visa are being increased.

According to Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse, the changes to the visa policies are done as a part of the routine assessment of the population of immigrants in New Zealand. The Expat forum quoted that certain associations have expressed surprise over the alterations.

Woodhouse also added that immigration population adds great value to the economy and culture of New Zealand. The routine assessment of the immigration laws is done to make sure that the purpose for the enactment of the laws is well served.

The Government was convinced that the existing visa policies were functioning in a good way. The resident authorization laws are evaluated once in few years to make sure that there is a balance of numbers and skills in the immigrant population to New Zealand.

The scheduled range for resident visa approvals in the forthcoming two years will be decreased from 100,000 – 90,000 to 85,000 – 95,000. The points under the skilled migrant group for obtaining residence in New Zealand are also increased to 160 from 140. The slots for capped family group are being decreased to 2000 per year from the current 5,500 per year.

According to Woodhouse these changes to the visa policies will help the government to manage the total strength of annual immigrants. The decision to provisionally close the Parent group of residence authorization will also help to cut the total number of immigrants who get residence permit every year.

He also added that increasing the qualifying points under the skilled migrant group will make sure that companies get more qualified workforce. This will help the economic growth of the nation and help to manage the demand for skilled workers. The steps taken by the government for managing immigration shows that it is committed to developing a realistic and responsible approach to overseas immigration clarified the Immigration Minister.

There are certain specific changes with respect to immigrants from South Africa. 21 November onwards all immigrants from South Africa will need visitor authorizations. This is being done as due to a significant rise in the immigrants from South Africa who attempt to arrive in New Zealand and are being refused permits as they do not meet the visa requirements.

In the recent days, many instances have been reported wherein immigrants from South Africa are arriving in New Zealand with fake passports. The visitor permit needs proof of funds, return journey tickets and valid reasons for the visit. Some of the immigrants are misusing this visitor permit to get a job and try for a permanent visa in New Zealand as they actually never plan to go back to South Africa.

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