New English Test Provider for the UK from April 2015

UK New Test Provider

The United Kingdom has announced a change in English language test providers in overseas locations. IELTS SELT Consortia will now offer English language tests starting from 6 April 2015.

The UK Home Office said the  new provider for English testing will simplify the test booking and result timelines and ensure better test results for voice testing.

The test centers will be increased with at least one place offering a test on quarterly basis where there is not high demand. Applicants based on their preferred location can select a test centre, the details of which can be checked on the UK government’s website.

The UK Home Office has updated a consolidated sheet of tests available for people applying for the UK Visa. Check the New English Test Consolidated Sheet here.

People who have already booked a slot falling before 6 April 2015, with the current test providers, can take the test and their certificates will be valid until 5 November 2015.

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