New Canadian PM to mend relations with Mexico

Mexico removing restrictions on the immigration rules

Canada is now warming up towards Mexico by removing restrictions on the immigration rules set for citizens of the country to enter its territory. These restrictions were imposed as a reaction to strained relationship between both the countries. The strain came up when Canada increased its oil supplies for the refineries in the United States of America.

To change this situation forever, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who recently came to power decided to mend the bitter relation that exists between Mexico and Canada. His way was to get rid of all the restrictions imposed on visas granted to the Canadian citizens. Being NAFTA trade partners, did not affect the relation between these countries positively.

The History….

The relations were severely effected in 2009 when former Prime Minister Stephen Harper imposed visa restriction on Mexicans to reduce the overwhelming amount of asylum requests given out to the government of Canada. But his move made the bilateral relations bitter and effected the country in an unexpectedly negative manner. The tourism from Mexico to Canada, came down to as low as 40 percent.

All this is the direct impact of a harsh decision taken by the former Prime Minister of Canada. Thanks to the new Prime Minister, things seem hopeful and changing for the better. He believes that there should be other ways to tackle the issue of refugees and that the Mexican visa applicants should not be disturbed for this.

The future…

Most citizens see the election of the new Prime Minister as a ray of hope that will unite both the countries in a permanent bond of friendship. They hope that when they join hands in this way, it will last for a very long time in the future for mutual benefit of governments of both the countries.

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