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Migrating Isn't That Difficult - Y-Axis News

Tinesh Bhasin, Senior Special Correspondent at Business Standard, have recently covered a story on migration. During the course, he interviewed few people from the immigration and visa industry including Y-Axis Overseas Careers’ Territory Manager for Mumbai, Ms. Usha Rajesh.

Article published in Business Standard read, “Migrating is not that difficult.” The areas covered under the post included points calculation, from age to language proficiency to education and work experience, visa fee for few countries, costs involved, and the crucial role of immigration consultants in overall immigration industry.

First step towards migration is fulfilling the criteria. It is a must to migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and other countries that are looking to meet their labour market requirements and to fill their talent shortage.

Talking on language proficiency criteria, Ms. Usha Rajesh of Y-Axis said, “Once you decide to apply abroad, it makes sense if you start learning languages that are relevant in that country.” She gave an example of people planning to go to Canada. Quebec, a French-speaking province, has its own evaluation system and proficiency in that language can earn you more points.

Speaking on the visa rules and duration, Usha Rajesh said that immigration rules keep changing. “Candidates need to be ready with their application. As soon as there’s an opportunity, their case should be at the top for consideration,” said Usha Rajesh.

Read the original article by Tinesh Bhasin on Business Standard.

Source: Business Standard

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