Mauritius and Ghana to enter each other’s territory without a visa!

Written by Kruti Beesam.

Mauritius and Ghana to enter each other’s territory without a visa

Mauritius and Ghana

Mauritius and Ghana have come into a unique agreement which allows citizens of these countries to enter each other’s territory without a visa. The decision was made in a meeting of both the heads of the government when the President of Ghana, John Mahama who came on a 3 day state visit. Both the countries hope that this will lead to overall mutual benefit.

Expectations from the agreement

They also hope that this unusual agreement will lead to a further strengthening of the trade and political bond between both the nations. In this context the leaders of both the countries extended their views on various aspects of nation building which include climate change, Millennium Development Goals and terrorism among others.
The agreement has also opened up countless business opportunities for these two countries within each others borders. As a mark of this, Mr John Mahama welcomed an investment of a huge sum of money by the Mauritius government. The countries joined hands to make a joint investment of 250 million dollars through the Mauritius Board for Investment. The money was invested Tema’s ICT Enclave.

Increasing possibility of benefits

The decision is being viewed as a very beneficial one, as it has the potential to create a large number of jobs employing 5000 youth directly and creating indirect jobs for more than a thousand people. However, this was not the only understanding the countries came to on this occasion. There were some more agreements signed on this date. These include the Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB) and the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) and a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the Field of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

It was followed by President Mahama hosting a banquet for Prime Minister Sir Jugnauth.

Original Source: Ghana Web

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