Lombok airport of Indonesia becomes visa-free entry location

Indonesia Lombok airport becomes visa-free entry location

Lombok International Airport (LIA), located on the island of Lombok, Indonesia, has been added to the list of airports which provide the Visa-on-Arrival (VOA) amenity for foreign nationals from 159 countries.

Indonesia, a Southeast Asian nation, located on the Indian Ocean, right now houses 29 airports and 88 seaports where foreign nationals of certain countries can get a visa upon arrival.

The VOA facility can be enjoyed by foreign citizens traveling as tourists, visiting their families, to conduct social activities, to attend seminars or participate in international expositions and so on which are being held at their office/organisation headquarters/agents located in Indonesia.

Indonesia is hoping that the initiative would increase the number of tourist arrivals to West Nusa Tenggara, the city in which LIA is located. This would help travellers to go directly to Lombok without the need to transit at another airport. It would also boost the economic prospects of Lombok island if more direct flights are operated to this place following this move.

A spokesperson for Silk Air said that this move would boost the tourist numbers from Asia or other locations of the globe to visit Lombok through Singapore.

Silk Air, at present, operates four direct flights per week from to Lombok from Singapore, and most of the passengers are reported to be from the UK, the Netherlands and Germany, besides Asian countries, such as China, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, and probably India.

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