Google’s Sundar Pichai Wants India to Produce Leaders

Google’s Sundar Pichai Wants India to Produce Leaders

Google’s newly crowned leader, who is a product of the Indian education system, has suggested that students should be allowed to take more risks. He believes that risks and failure can produce Global technology leaders. He believes in an environment of experimenting, project based system which encourages creativity. Mr. Pichai was also surprised with the entails and start up growth trend in the past few years. He acknowledged that India is a vast country with amazing youth, and spoke of Google’s proposed plans to invest in India’s digital communication.

He asked students, speaking to them at the prestigious Delhi University, to take risks. His mantra is to try new and daring things, the result might be failing but as he says, “falling is a badge of honour”. We can see the risks that Google has taken in India with its Android One initiatives. Low cost smartphones can be used by many in developing nations in contrast to product use in developed ones. Google has shown, through its initiatives, which they want to invest heavily in India and neighbouring nations as time progresses.

Mr. Pichai, who took over Google’s highest positions from Andy Rubin wants the world’s most populated country to use Google (is banned in China) by its 1.3 + billion population. This monolithic digital advertisement company posted a net income of US$ 3.98 billion in the last quarter, up from US$2.74 billion from earlier incomes. His stint at his current position in Google has not dampened his sense of humor, as he joked on the Android P version be called Peda or Payasam. Se added that Google’s vision is to develop products that could be potential solutions to problem faced by the human race.

India’s future also seems bright with plans of installing Wi-Fi at train stations and Project Loon, which plans on beaming internet from air.

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