Doctors must be included in STEM, demand India-origin US Doctors

US Doctors

Doctors must be included in the list of STEM that receives priority for US Green Cards processing, as demanded by the India-origin US Doctors. The immigration reform bill in the US must also include inputs from the India-origin doctors as demanded by them. This is because the imminent immigration reform bill does not consider the severe scarcity of doctors in the US, as quoted by the Indian Express.

In the day long hearings and meeting held at the US Capitol Hill, this demand was put forth by the American Association of Physicians of Indian-origin. The meeting was held with the Congress members and officials of the US Congress.

Every seventh patient in the US is attended by the India-origin US doctors and their views on the crucial issue cannot be ignored, said the American Association of Physicians of Indian-origin.

Co-Chairman of Legislative Committee of American Association of Physicians of Indian-origin Dr. Sampat Shivangi also demanded to clear Green card backlogs for doctors. STEM includes professionals from Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science.

Dr. Shivangi said that doctors graduating from an accredited residency program in the US must be treated on par with STEM professionals. This will enable a number of India-origin US doctors to receive the US Green Card, said Dr. Shivangi.

Co-Chairman of Legislative Committee of AAPI further elaborated that this will enable the hospitals to quickly recruit doctors who can have an immediate impact on the US local communities.

Several top US Congress members addressed the meeting of the AAPI. This includes Frank Pallone, Ami Bera, Joe Wilson, Joe Crowley, and Ed Royce.

Addressing the meeting of the AAPI the US Congress members assured the India-origin doctors of making required modifications to the current immigration bill to meet their demands.

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