Crazy Job Offers Ahead for IITians as Placements Begin from Dec. 1

IITians are all set for the recruitment drive and to accept the best job offers from top firms.

IITians are all set for the recruitment drive and to accept the best job offers from top firms.

It is this time of the year when placements across all IIT campuses begin in India. National and international firms line up to pick the brightest minds to fill the top job positions. Students apply for the best companies that are. Their families pray through day and night, organize religious events, and await the results of the placement drive with bated breath.

This year is no different. Come Dec. 1st, a placement drive will kick-start in IIT campuses across India. World’s best companies like Visa Inc., Facebook, Google, Amazon, Oracle, Samsung, Flipkart, and the likes of Microsoft will fight for the interview slots and to get the best of minds work for them.

A news published in Times of India said that Visa Inc., the world’s largest payment network, is entering the IIT campuses with 120 job offers and a pay package of Rs. 22 lakh for domestic hires, and $140,000 + relocation bonus for international hires.

The daily also quoted Nitin Chandel, the Senior Vice-President of Visa’s Developer Platform in India, “We are more than a card company. We will provide technology based roles and since we have just set shop in India, our work culture will be similar to start-ups. They (students to be hired this year) will be the first ones and will get lots of opportunities.”

IITs are known for producing Global Indians like Narayan Murthy (Co-founder of Infosys),  Vinod Khosla (Co-founder of Sun Microsystems), and Nikesh Arora (Senior Vice President and Chief Business Office at Google).

That apart, the Bansals of Flipkart, famous Indian author Chetan Bhagat, and political figure like Arvind Kejriwal are all alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology.

In last year placement drive, IIT Kharagpur created a record by accepting 1010 job offers, closely followed by IIT Mumbai, Delhi, and Kanpur. The highest domestic package recorded at Kharagpur  was of Rs. 37 Lakhs.

IITians throughout their study at the institute and earlier put their hard work and efforts and are associated with the brand called IIT. No wonder they receive the pay packages that they do.

Y-Axis wishes them good luck and hope to see them and others non-IITians also make it to the list of Global Indians.

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