China to open first immigration office in bid to attract foreign workers


China is making arrangements to open its first immigration office as its President Xi Jinping wants to attract foreign workers to the country to increase consumption and drive innovation.

The office, which may begin operations by the end of the year, would be formed by clubbing Public Security Ministry border control and exit-entry administration bureaus.

This is said to be an effort by the communist country to diversify its economy by not restricting itself just to manufacturing and investment. The East Asian country is home to only 600,000 foreign nationals as against Japan which houses 2.17 million foreigners.

Bloomberg quotes Wang Huiyao, the Centre for China and Globalisation’s president as saying that China did not undertake such an initiative before as it has been witnessing a growth of over 10 percent in last few decades. It now, however, needs foreigners to stimulate further its economic development, adds Huiyao. The Public Security Ministry has reportedly declared 16 steps to systematize applications for a permanent residency and the other talented foreign nationals’ acceptance in Guandong’s free trade zone in southern China, Bloomberg quotes Chinese official news agency Xinhua as reporting. Just like its Western counterparts, China is also coping with a shrinking population as it had in place a one-child policy for quite some time.

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Meta-description: China is to open its first immigration office as its President Xi Jinping is keen on attracting foreign workers on their shores to increase consumption and drive innovation.

Social Media: To boost consumption and power innovation, China is looking at attracting foreign workers by opening its first immigration office by this year end.

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