Indian Origin 8-Year-Old CEO To Speak At Cyber Security Summit

Indian Origin 8-Year-Old CEO To Speak At Cyber Security Summit

Reuben Paul, an 8-year-old CEO will address Cyber Security Summit in New Delhi, India. | Image Credit: CBS6

What is expected of 8-year-olds is nothing more than developing literacy skills, playing games, and sharing their views and ideas with the kids their age.

But Reuben Paul, an 8-year-old Indian American, is an exception. He is not just Founder/CEO of a company, but is also all set to address Cyber Security Summit to be held in New Delhi on November 14th.

In his speech at the Summit, Reuben is likely to cover issues related to cyber security awareness and white page hacking. His father, business partner, architect and developer, Mano Paul said, “He will talk about need to create awareness about cyber security among young kids as well as demo white page hacking.”

Reuben is trained by his father in Object C Programming language. “I started learning about computer languages around one-and-a-half years back. Now I design my own projects,” Reuben said PTI

Other keynote speakers at the summit include Home Ministry Joint Secretary Nirmaljeet Singh Kalsi, Special Commissioner Police (Traffic) with Delhi Police Muktesh Chander and National Technical Research Organisation Director of Cyber Security Operations Alok Vijayant.

Source: Economic Times, PTI

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