Canada Invites 1,581 To Apply For PR Under Express Entry 13th Draw!

Canada  Express Entry 13th Draw

Canada invites 1,581 people through the express entry 13th draw. This invitation gives foreign nationals to apply for permanent residence in the country. However, this provision is only for those attain a cut off score of 451 points or more in accordance with the comprehensive ranking system. This invitation is being given under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada.

The Express Entry 12th Draw

Similar was the express entry 12th draw that was implemented on 10th July 2015. The only difference between these two invitations is in the number of invitations and the cut off score. In the express entry 12th draw, there were 1,516 invitations for applications and the cut off score was as high as 463. When compared to this, the express entry 13th is slightly relaxed in the score with more invitations to applicants.

Difference In The Previous And The Present Invitations

The express entry 13th draw which began on 17th July 2015 and ended on 18th July 2015 invited 1,581 applicants and the cut off score was reduced to 451. The Canada Express Entry Program began on 1st of December 2015 with the first draw taking place on 31st January 2015.  These invitations are very beneficial to foreign nationals who want to reside permanently in Canada.

The invitations are awarded based on the information provided by the applicant. The applications are reviewed on the basis of multiple factors. These include work experience, education, language ability and others.

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