Canada Gov’t makes path to PR easy for foreign students

Canada Student Visa

The Canadian government has reported alterations to its permanent residency regulations that will make it less demanding for foreign student immigrants to be become permanent Canadians. Canada’s recently chosen Liberal Government has reported changes to the nation’s way to permanency which will decrease stay necessities and permit international students to count study time towards residency petitions.

Under the Bill C-6, international students will have the capacity to score half of their time towards the physical stay residency in Canada and should live three of the past five years in the nation.

The new regulations will repeal measures presented by the past Conservative Government through Bill C-24, which a year ago obliged students to live in the nation for four of the previous six years and did not offer foreign student immigrants study time credit toward physical stay residency necessities.

John McCallum, minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, “Because international students are the perfect candidates to become Canadian citizens and we are seeking them out as are other countries around the world.” He adds, “If there’s any group in this country who would be good Canadians – they’re educated, they know about this country, they speak English or French – it’s them. So why punch them in the nose when we’re trying to attract them here in competition with Australia, the UK and others?”

In the mean time, international immigration and education consultancies like Y-Axis are sure about the strides the legislature has taken to facilitate the procedure for overseas student immigrants to apply for PR.

In addition to these changes, as reported by the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, John McCallum, the age range for language skills necessities will be changed back to its original scripture to apply to people matured 18-54, after Bill C-24 transformed it to 14-64.

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Original Source: The Pie News

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