A bot to help aspiring US immigrants complete visa applications unveiled

Visabot is said to help in the submission of visa applications

A bot to aid people complete visa applications to gain entry into the United States was launched. Currently available on Facebook Messenger’s beta, Visabot is said to help in the submission of visa applications required by tech workers and founders of startups.

Artem Goldman, the founder of Visabot, was quoted by Venture Beat as saying that their slogan was that they help immigrants in making America Great again as they are of the view that the US was built by immigrants.

Before launching Visabot on 11 October, Goldman was instrumental in coming up with a marketplace for providing legal services in Russia. He added that helping brilliant people get a foothold in Silicon Valley helps innovation happen in America as well the countries immigrants hail from.

According to him, people capable of changing their country’s course head to the US and they should be invited and provided all opportunities to make America their home and develop its economy.

A report published in 2010 report revealed that approximately 40 percent of Fortune 500 technology companies were brainchildren of immigrants or their children.

While Google had Sergey Brin, one of it co-founders who was born to immigrants from the former USSR, Steve Jobs was the son of an immigrant from Syria.

Goldman said that their intention of launching Visabot was neither to make a political statement nor to legally protect illegal immigrants in the United States, but to help lower lawyer fees applications of O-1 visas for talented individuals, B-2 visa extensions for tourism or business and going forward helping skilled workers apply for H-1B and L-1 visas.

Visabot’s used Fido.ai and natural language processing before it was launched and its creators partnered with legal professionals to go through over 100 visa applications. The insights gleaned from this exercise were integrated into machine learning of Visabot, said Goldman. It is said that Visabot would become more discerning and smarter over time as more data present in artificial intelligence analyses is reported by its users.

Goldman added that they worked with immigrate legal firms and analysed cases without names and in order to find out which scenarios yield the best possible results.

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