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Types of Ireland Visas

Ireland has emerged as a popular destination for overseas immigrants in the last decade. It has a comparatively strong economy and favorable immigration policies for highly skilled immigrant workers. Y-Axis provides you assistance for various kinds of visas to Ireland including Critical Skills Employment Permit visa, Work Permit visa, Work Permit for Spouses/Dependants visa, Student Visa, Start-up Entrepreneur Program visa, Contractor Service Permit visa, and Business Permission visa.

Who Can Apply for Ireland Visa?

For the immigrants who wish to apply for the Ireland work permit visa, a job offer from a firm recognized by the registrar for trading in Ireland. The remuneration has to be more than €30,000. The applicants who wish to apply for the student visa in Ireland must have a letter of acceptance from an educational institute in Ireland that has offered you the seat for study.
The applicants of Critical Skills Employment visa also known as the Green Card visa must have relevant skills that are in shortage in Ireland. The applicants who are spouse or dependents or partners of Green Card holders in Ireland are eligible to apply for the Work Permit visa for Spouses and dependents.
The investors who wish to apply for the Business visa must invest at least €300,000 in Ireland. For those who are interested in processing their Start-up-investor program visa must have a stable financial condition and invest at least €75,000 in an innovative business sector in Ireland.

Ireland Visa and Immigration

Requirements for a Ireland visa

The applicants of visa to Ireland must have a passport with at least 2 empty pages and has a validity of minimum six months beyond the date of departure from Ireland. They must also give proof of the eligibility of being able to reside in the UK for a minimum of three months beyond their departure from Ireland. A letter that gives comprehensive details of the purpose of your visit to the nation must also be given. The visa applicants to Ireland are required to give evidence of being able to financially support their stay in Ireland. The amount of fund is dependent on the nature of visa applied. The applicants who have past history of visa denial for any country must also give the details of the destination of denial and the reasons.

Why Choose Y-Axis

Y-Axis has are flexible payment options and we charge on a success fee basis for Ireland visa and career consultations. We have a customer centric focus and are competitively priced. So if you are looking to migrate to Ireland, contact Y- Axis to get professional help to file for a work visa from one of its 19 offices located in India’s eight largest cities.

Immigration Services: Y- Axis provides you expert legal and counseling support facilities that will increase your chances of immigrating to Ireland.
Job Search Services: We have assisted thousands in securing a job in Ireland through our employment search services. Our reach with employers and agencies helps us in marketing your resume so that it reaches the right people and travels via the right channels.
Admission Services: Looking to study in Ireland? Y– Axis is best placed to help you get an admission into an educational institution that offers you a degree with remarkable credentials.
Concierge services: We can help you from hand holding you to lending our hand in finding an apartment in Ireland through our concierge services; we go that extra distance for settling you in your new abode.

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It would not have been possible for us to get Ireland PR so soon without your help.When I first contacted Y-Axis, I did not know anything about Ireland’s immigration process.It was you who handheld us and took us all the way to the destination.The fact is, I will remember you always.Whenever I think of how I reached Ireland, I will obviously remember MAHESH.You have been extremely patient, listened to my queries and clarified all possible doubts I had regarding the entire process at various instances.Thank you so much for all that Mahesh.

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