Frequenly Asked Questions

For any doubts regarding services rendered by Y-Axis on student visas, tourist visas, business visas, entrepreneur visas, permanent residency application and more, we have over frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers on fifty different visas. We will add more in future as we keep continuously expanding our services in this particular arena.

We provide comprehensive information regarding each visa to let visa applicants make well-informed choices. These questions vary from the very basic to the intricate in order that novices or seasoned travellers alike can use it as a reference section.

If anything you wanted to about in a particular category is missing out, you can always contact us. We keep updating Y-Axis FAQs section continuously by culling information from our visa experts in different countries across the globe.

This is part of our strategy to engage with customers. To achieve this, our trained staff puts itself in customers’ shoes in order to devise these FAQs. By following these simple rules, Y-Axis FAQs gives its best shot to clear the air its customers’ have about various visa services.

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