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Posted on November 07 2023

Nazi Khan is happy with Y-Axis tutor Liya Elizabeth

By Editor
Updated November 07 2023

Hi Liya,

Hope you are well. I know this is supposed to be a review and to be read by everyone but I want you to read it first before the world reads it or maybe the world does not have to read it haha it’s a personal letter from a student to a teacher.

We never know the value of a good teacher until we get one. I would have been in a very different place in my life if I had good teachers.

Thank you very much for everything, for being patient, for being kind, for not getting irritated when I asked questions even silly ones, for not being rude and for not being that teacher who is every student’s nightmare. You are everything what a good teacher should be.

This isn’t exactly a proper professional review but it’s the truth, sorry I don’t know how to write one; I just wrote the first thing that pops into my head, anyways...

Thank you very much and I am always going to remember you

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