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Equip yourself for the Australian Job Market prior to immigrating

Posted on August 7, 2018
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Equipping yourself for the Australian Job Market prior to immigrating to the nation is really very crucial. This is irrespective of the pathway you have chosen for Australian immigration. It could be to work, join your spouse or start your career afresh.

You must be familiar with certain aspects of the Australian Job Market prior to your immigration. Every nation has distinct areas of exports and expertise. This has a huge influence on the kind of jobs that are in demand, as quoted by the Sydney Moving Guide.

Five industries have been highlighted by the careers article by Australian. This is for having the brightest job prospects. These sectors have a shortage of skills in spite of crucial growth forecast. These industries have a high potential for jobs in the Australian labor market:

  • Aged Care and Healthcare
  • Training and Education
  • Construction
  • Tourism and Travel
  • Agriculture

Majority of the employers in Australia would expect you to be fully qualified to work and live in the nation. It is only after assessing this they will offer a permanent job offer. Only experienced candidates in skills shortage sectors will be offered assistance in obtaining the Australia Work Visa.

It is essential to be aware of the rights of an Australia PR holder prior to seeking jobs.

Acquainting yourself with the local interests and customs in Australia will be highly beneficial as an aspiring job seeker. Employers will assess your personality in the interview – face-to-face, e-mail or telephone. This will be apart from your professional credentials and abilities.

Candidates must be aware of how to engage the Australian employers at the ‘Aussie level’. This could be through slang or common sports interests such as NRL in Sydney. It will assist in standing out and covey ease of assimilation in the Australian society.

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