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Posted on March 20 2014

To thank Y-Axis for helping me to realise my dream

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Hi Vishnu, I am very excited and very happy to say that I got German Job Seeker Visa granted for 6 months. I take this opportunity to thank y-axis especially you for helping me to realize my dream. I am so happy to have Vishnukant as my consultant who always talks in cool mood no matter how many times I disturb him or what so ever silly questions i pose. Your attitude and commitment to work takes the major part of my success behind Visa. I heard people saying why should we go for a consultancy when we have chance of applying self. But my success is answer to them. The way Vishnu has prepared me for interview, help to get accommodation proof and the help provided for Motivation letter are top class. I am always looking to have more association with Y-Axis by recommending to my friends and acquaintances. I wish all the good luck for y-axis and Vishnu in particular for all his future endeavors. Attached my Visa scan copy. Thanks Y-Axis, and Many Thanks to Vishnukant. ~Arun

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