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Our philosophy

Y-Axis’ CSR policy is built on the cornerstone of improving employability of students from neglected areas by using technology. We aim to create an infrastructure-rich environment, where students can easily learn through free, credible online resources and gain skills that make them employable in emerging tech industries. Students enrolled in free programmes also get access to career counselors assisting them with the knowledge, expertise and capabilities required for global mobility and employability. Through their initiatives they hope to equip students with domain expertise and employability boosting skills.

Founded in 1999, Y-Axis is India’s No.1 overseas career consultant. Y-Axis has counseled more than a million individuals seeking to work, study or settle abroad and successfully helped thousands of them achieve their global aspirations. Y-Axis’ mission is creating a borderless world that encourages diversity and allows a free flow of labour, knowledge and ideas to any country where merit and expertise is recognized and rewarded regardless of nationality or ethnic origin.

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Y-Axis was founded on the principles of facilitating global mobility that changes the lives of families and our CSR activities are guided by the same philosophy of enabling growth and transformation. Our aim is to create ‘Digital Citizens’ and ‘Global Indians’ who contribute to our nation and the world. Through our initiatives in providing digital literacy, educational counseling, critical care medical expenses and financial support to children from marginalized sections, we are working towards this mission every day.

– Founder & CEO, Y-Axis
know more school

‘Know More School’ is an NGO that sets up free-to-use computer labs for students in economically backward areas. As technology advances, those who cannot keep up are left way behind by the rapid rate of innovation. While one section of the population uses smart phones and technology as an extension of their lives, another section of the population reach out to orphans and single-parent children in dire need, to ensure these students remain in school. Every year, the Foundation supports students with funds for their school fees, books and uniforms so they do not drop out of the schools.

  • 200+ Computers deployed
  • 2500+ Digital Citizens created
  • 3 Computer labs in neglected areas

Founded in 2010 by Sabina Xavier, Y-Axis’ Chief Operating Officer, Heal-a-Child Foundation provides last mile support to critically ill children, from financially weaker section of society. Y-Axis Foundation is a key sponsor to the cause since its inception.With Tollywood Superstar Mahesh Babu, as the Brand Ambassador, the foundation has supported and helped in saving more than 350 critically ill children and newborns at an average cost of 1.5 lakh per child.

  • Rs. 8.21 Crore donations raised
  • 380+ Babies saved
  • Free checkups for 2500 children
heal a child
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Career counseling has been one of the cornerstones of the Y-Axis philosophy. The Foundation offers unbiased advice and counseling to all who are seeking to go abroad through Y-AXIS. Whether you are a professional, student or a businessman, there are lots of opportunities and benefits abroad. We aim to help you become more responsible, aware and culturally sensitive global Indians.

  • 1 Million + counseled
  • 500+ Counselors