Y-Technical Evaluation

Why do I need a Technical Evaluation?

Y-AXIS does not take up any case unless and until you get a positive Technical Evaluation. This is mandatory.

Why does not Y-AXIS take up a case without a Technical Evaluation?

Y-Axis would like every case it handles to be successful and also for the information and documents to be bonafide.

This is a stage where understanding of what is required for eligibility is in black and white and less of grey.

The Free Counseling is a quick review done by the Immigration Consultant based on broad overviews without getting into details whereas a Y-Axis Technical Evaluation goes into depth of:

  • Your education.
  • Your experience and
  • Your roles and responsibilities.
  • Your family details before providing you with a report.

Why are you charging Rs.1500 for a Technical Evaluation?

Y-Axis has 1000s of cases and the latest immigration laws which we can research to check for successes and refusals. We make recommendations based on this research. Obviously this takes time, effort and money. The Technical Evaluation is an elaborate document that contains the following:

  • The Score Card.
  • Brief Country Profile.
  • Brief Occupation Profile.
  • Transparency Sheet of Costs and Time.
  • Probability of your Success.
  • Critical Documents.

For further details, please  Talk to Y-Axis Consultants or you can e-mail us on Info@y-axis.com. One of our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.