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The world is full of opportunities for everyone including you. Whether you are a professional, student or a businessman, there are lots of opportunities and benefits abroad. We can help you prepare for a career in the richest countries of the world. It is possible to legally enter these countries and stay back as a migrant. You can gain a Permanent Visa and always return to India.

How We Help

Your paid counseling session and report will give you the best options to build your international career. You will receive:

Career Help

Counseling Session

Y-Path gives you career advice, a documented solution that you can refer back later and plan your career based on the suggestions given. In short Y-Path advises you, on your opportunities for today and for tomorrow.
Career Guidance

Profile Analysis

Y-Axis Immigration Eligibility and Y-Path Career Reports evaluate your profile from all the criteria and perspectives.

Career Guide

Career Objective Analysis

Y-Axis carries out a career objective analysis by preparing a new resume, which we email to you for your feedback. Based on your comments, we modify it accordingly and come up with a final resume.

Career Advisor

Probability of Success

By comparing your qualifications, experience and skills with the career path you chose, Y-Axis arrives at your probability of success when we take into consideration the possible hurdles you may have to face while pursuing it.

Global Mobility Analysis

Global Mobility Analysis

The purpose of our counseling is to understand your needs and aspiration. We recommend solutions that will increase your employability and mobility globally.

Career Coach

Employability SWOT Analysis

We arrive at your employability for a career you choose by identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats based on your educational qualifications, experience and skills in each relevant area.

Career Counselor

Migration Options

Based on your skills, Y-Axis arrives at a decision where you would have more opportunities and assist you to migrate to your desired destination. After all, this is the USP of Y-Axis, which sets it apart from its competitors.

Best Options

Best Options

Y-Axis narrows down to the best options for where you could relocate to. We assist you in deciding the best possible destination while considering factors such as your convenience and personal opinions.

Cost Estimate

Cost Estimate

Y-Axis gives you a well-defined cost estimate to help you to plan your finances and schedule. Visas involve a massive commitment of time and money, and we help you get organized with our Eligibility Evaluation Report.

Free Counselling

Some people realize that the career they chose is not giving them satisfaction anymore. This is when Y-Axis comes to the rescue of such people by providing counselling free of charge. Our career management techniques will help those people to tide over their problems.

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Why Y-Axis?

We are a one-stop-solution for overseas education. We help you at every step of this journey from counselling you on your choice of course to applications & visas and helping you get a job after graduation.

Proven Process

Proven Process

Experienced Counsellors

Experienced Counsellors

Personalised Reports

Personalised Reports


Ethical & Actionable

lisa 5 years ago
Kishore is an excellent career coach he has given a very good career path to me. I feel that I am on the right track with the right consultancy like Y-Axis. I am very happy with the services at Y-Axis… Read More
lisa 5 years ago
I am very happy with the Y-path report prepared by career coach Anupally Sreevardhan. He has given very good options matching my profile. I am very happy with the services at Y-Axis. Amitabh Nag The p… Read More
lisa 5 years ago
I am very happy with the Y- Path report prepared by Anupally Sreevardhan. The options & suggestions mentioned by him in the report are helpful to me. I am interested in availing the services. I wi… Read More
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