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Study in Germany

Germany offers high quality education for free or on fairly subsidized rates for international students.

A practical curriculum, collaborative study environment and cutting-edge facilities come together to make Germany a top destination for study abroad.

Germany is perfect for students keen on getting a technical edge over their peers. By studying in Germany, you are well on your way to a lucrative international career.

Get a globally-recognized German degree that jumpstarts your international career.

Huge demand for skilled talent

World ranking universities

Work part-time

Affordable or free education

Post Study Work Permit

Top Colleges in Germany

Top Courses in Germany

Computer Science/IT

Manufacturing Automation


Automobile Technology

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A German student visa application can take up to 25 days to process. However, it is dependent on both the German Embassy and the nation from which you are applying. It could take up to 6-12 weeks in some cases, with the maximum processing time being 3 months.
For adults, the German student visa price is €75, while for minors, it is €37.50. At the conclusion of your visa appointment, you must pay the sum in INR using a Demand Draft.
Students are not required to take a medical test for a German student visa. However all citizens of Germany are required by law to have health insurance, and you will need confirmation that you have signed up for it before applying for your student visa. Students above the age of 30 can enrol in either private or state health insurance. Those under the age of 30 are eligible for public health insurance.
Family reunion is feasible if you have a residence permit in Germany and plan to stay for more than a year. You must, however, be able to support them in order for them to join you in Germany.
International students who wish to bring their family members to Germany must meet the following conditions:
  • Have enough income to support them and their family
  • Have enough funds to provide housing for the family
  • Family members must have basic understanding of the German language
  • Children must be below 18 years
  • Have a temporary or permanent residence permit or an EU Blue Card
  • Have enough health insurance for them and family members
Graduates from non-EU/EEA countries can work in Germany after finishing their studies if their residence permit is extended for up to 18 months after graduation. These 18 months begin as soon as you pass your final examinations, so it's better to start looking for work while you're still in school, or during your final semester. Keep in mind that you can work whatever job you can to support yourself during these 18 months until you find full-time employment, and it does not have to be linked to your subject of study.
You must submit the following documents with your application for a residence permit extension:
Personal ID and Passport.
Proof of Graduation from a German University.
Proof of Financial Resources.
Proof of Health Insurance.

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