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Y-Path FAQs

Q. What is Y-Path?

Y-Path is a customized Y-Axis patented solution for those interested in exploring overseas opportunities. We aim to help become aware of your own profile in respect with the career opportunities abroad. We recommend you the best path to pursue and if you are not eligible, we recommend how to prepare so that you can become eligible someday.

Q. Why do I need a Y-Path Counseling report?

Y-Path gives you career advice, a documented solution that you can refer back later and plan your career based on the suggestions given.  In short Y-Path tells you, your opportunities for today and for tomorrow. It answers you as where do you stand as on date in terms global mobility. We help you make a career plan.

By all means we check, whether you are eligible to work, study or migrate overseas.

If yes, Is it on a short term or a long term visa. How can you get started?

If no–why are you not eligible? What is that can help you become globally available and migrant ready? What are the countries that have demand for your profile.

 Q. What do you get?

You get a customized documented solution that provides your profile overview, your score card, a SWOT analysis, your career path or strategy sheet, Y-Path recommendations and requisites.  

The solutions given helps you increase employability, global mobility and show you ways in order to become eligible for an overseas migration.

 Q. Who are eligible?

Y-Axis, Y-Path is open to all. Y-Path provides solution to students, professionals, tradesman & Investors.

 Q. How Y-Path counseling works?

At Y-Path, we first listen to your preference and problem statement if any, over an interview call and then we provide you a solution that suits you the best. 

 Q. When can I expect the call?

Once the payment is approved, client receives an email explaining about the Y-Path process followed by an introduction call. Later a telephonic interview is conducted by career coach as per the scheduled time confirmed during the introduction call.

 Q. How does the Y-Path process works?

 Y-Path process basically has 4 stages:

1) Introduction call/email. This is the phase where client receives a call for scheduling the interview.

2)  Interview with the client (Telephonic).  You then receive an interview call per the scheduled date and time.

3)  Analysis of the profile. Your profile is analyzed.

4)  Final report: Y-Path deliverable.

 Q. When will I receive my report?

After completing the interview call, it takes 3-5 working days to analyze client’s profile and prepare the Y-Path deliverables.

 Q. What do I do next?

Once you receive your report, you are suggested to speak to your Immigration Consultant who would walk you through the report, help you clarify questions (if any), also helps you get started with any services as listed in the report.

 Q. I need guidance on making my career plan, I have just completed my 10th standard.

Y-Path solutions help you map your 10 year career plan for students. A directional path that you should ideally take to get the most out of moving abroad.

 Q. I am student pursuing my bachelor’s final year. I want to study masters in abroad. I need help on deciding which country is best for me?

Y-Axis, Y-Path services provide you best options for studying overseas that suits your preference and wallet. We first understand your interest, we check which country has demand courses available,  then we see whether you meet the basic  requirement for studying  in respective countries and universities, if yes, what are the pre requisites.

 Q. I am a software engineer having 2 years of work experience in IT company. Where are my opportunities overseas?

Here in Y-Path, professionals from different industries are provided different solutions based on the following:

  • Your intent, your credentials (like age, qualification, years of experience, percentage, budget), country demand for your profile, if your occupation is open in the preferred country and you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • We see if you qualify for immigration visa, work permit visa led by govt. or employer sponsored visa.

Q. I am from a medical background. Do I need a license to work overseas?

Yes. Most of the medical profiles require license. Y-Axis Y-Path services provide you guidance if your profile needs work authorization, registration or licensure to practice which will help you get started.

 Q. I am a businessman. What are my opportunities to start up a business overseas?

Not many people know that investing or starting a business overseas is simple and leads to a PR visa. It does not have age and other educational criteria as long as requirements for funds and capital money is met. Y-Axis can help you process your investor visa.  Y-Path solutions provide you suggestions on which country is good deal to invest at.

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