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Germany Job Seeker VISA FAQs

FAQ’s For Germany – Job Seeker VISA Process:

1. Is there any other name to this VISA?
Yes. It is also known as Long Term VISA & National VISA

2. How much funds required for this visa?
Anything between 4 to 6 Lakhs INR. i.e 4200 to 8100 Euro.

3. Why don’t you apply for Schengen visa?
It is a Tourist visa only validity of 15 to 1 Months, whereas I am relocation to Germany for Job search to apply for PR, not for holiday purpose.

4. where do you stay in Germany and why?
As per accommodation.

5. How much time does it take for the VISA decision?
2-3 months,(8-12 weeks) or more depends on number of application.

6. Show me some offer letter of the company.
If I do have offer letter then I will apply for Employment visa. The name itself says it is job seeker visa, once visa will approved I will search job and apply of Employment.

7. How did you do accommodation and where?
I did my accommodation from in Frankfurt, due to more job are available in that place as per my profile.

8. Per month what is the accommodation charges?
1 lakh/month.

9. Then for 6 months its comes around 6 lakhs and In your account only 4 lakhs, How do u manage?
Initially I stay for 1 month then I found any cheaper accommodation.

10. what is the population of the country and what is the capital city?
80.3 million & Berlin

11. why do you want to go Germany? In India also so many Jobs are available, why don’t you apply here?

I always wanted to work in a European country and this jobseeker visa allows me to search for a suitable job in Germany. After browsing various job sites for jobs in Germany, I am confident of landing in a good job in Germany.

12. In case, If you will not get any Job what will you do?
I have already backed up my career continuity in India with my employer, as I have proven my skills which any company will be on a lookout as a backup plan. But I am confident of getting a job in Germany in my sector or area of expertise.

13. How much confident are you to get the Job in these 6 months duration?
As per my profile and current job market, I will get within 3 months.

14. Who done all these documentation & How do you come to know about this Germany Job Seeker Visa?

15. Tell me the website name from where you done this Application.

16. How will you search for jobs after entering in Germany?
By Local news paper, Local recruiters and website etc.

17. Tell me few companies name where you applied for Jobs in Germany?
As per your Profile, need to search and give some companies names.

18. When do you planning to travel to Germany?
I would like to travel after 2 months because my notice period is 1 months and will take some time with my family before going to Germany.


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