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What’s Y-Path:

Y-Path is a Y-Axis patented solution for Working professionals, Entrepreneurs, and investors. It gives you a clear direction and a customized career path. All global opportunities related to work, business, and investment are discussed after thorough study of your profile, preferences, budget, and barriers so that the future is crystal clear for you.

A friend, philosopher and guide

We aim to be a guide and show the path to any young professionals who need a friend, philosopher and guide.

What Y-Path Does for You?

Y-path answers all your questions related to the overseas opportunities. Some of the common questions such as the following:

  1. I am a Professional, Entrepreneur, and retired, what are my options?
  2. Am I eligible to go abroad? If yes, which country and how will it help me and my family?
  3. What are the benefits of a career and life abroad?
  4. Is my occupation in demand? What are my Job opportunities?
  5. How do I start the process and what are the requirements?
  6. How much funds do I need to go aboard to settle, invest or start a business overseas?

Be it related to getting admission abroad, finding an international market to invest, or anything else. We are here to answer all your queries.

Why choose Y-Path from Y-Axis?

For a great career, one should have a career aim as it gives you a clear direction. It makes you to realize the heights that you want to achieve. Choosing a life goal also propels you in the pathway to achieve it. So the first and foremost thing is to choose the direction that will guide you through the present to the future success.

Therefore, Y-Path service is diligently designed to endow ambitious people like you with a clear direction in life. Our experts focus on your preferences and accordingly offer customized solutions to connect the dots of your life – of the past and present to the future. You no longer have to live a perplexed life. . Check more details with Y-Axis now and see new opportunities coming your way!

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There are multiple benefits and opportunities that you can obtain by choosing Y-Path. The first of among these is a comprehensive, personalized report for you, your capabilities and your options to immigrate abroad. It also offers,a guiding direction path that you should ideally pursue to optimize the benefits of immigration abroad.

Customized Career Path

    • We can create a customized path for your global career by studying your profile, barriers, budget, preferences and your opportunities.
  • A friend, philosopher and guide
    • We aim to be a guide and show the path to many aspiring, ambitious young professionals who are in need of a friend, philosopher and guide.
  • Our THREE Es Philosophy
    • We aim to help you increase your Exposure, Experience and Education to be able to become eligible and competent for global jobs.
  • The KEEEYs to opening doors:
    • We show you that employability means the ability to speak in English, have Expertise and be Eligible for a visa or a migration pathway.
  • Y-Axis Recommendation
    • A clear & defined solution – customized for you according to your profile.
    • A solution that is chosen according to the highest chance of success.

Who are Eligible ?

Professional: Anyone with 2 or more years of work/business experience with minimum education of a Diploma. (Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Retired)

Service cost

The service cost for Y-Path(Working Professionals, Business men, Retired) is INR 4,000 + Tax

Processing Time

3-5 working days after personal interview session over the Phone.


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lisa 5 years ago
I am very happy with the Y-path report prepared by career coach Anupally Sreevardhan. He has given very good options matching my profile. I am very happy with the services at Y-Axis. Amitabh Nag The p… Read More
lisa 5 years ago
I am very happy with the Y- Path report prepared by Anupally Sreevardhan. The options & suggestions mentioned by him in the report are helpful to me. I am interested in availing the services. I wi… Read More
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