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Spouse/Fiancee Visa


Now you no longer have to live away from your spouse or fiancé/fiancee living in different countries of the world. There is a fiancé/fiancée or spouse visa that allows you to live with your partner while you wait to convert this visa into a dependent one. In the context of the United Kingdom, you will be granted this visa only if your fiancé/fiancee or spouse is a permanent resident in UK, without any immigration restriction.

Your working rights in UK

You will also be permitted to work in the country once you receive this visa. When you apply for this visa from any part of the world, it will be granted to you for up to 33 months. If the application is made from UK itself, it will be granted for 30 months. There is also a possibility to extend this visa for a period of five months.

Rules in the US

In terms of the United States of America, the application process must begin outside the country and should be completed after coming there. When we say outside the US, the application needs to be made only in that country where the couple got engaged or were married. If you have been married for less than 2 years on arrival in the USA, you will be granted a conditional green card.

This card is valid only for a period of 2 years.

Australia’s rules

Coming to the case of Australia, once you are granted a spouse/ fiancé/fiancée visa, you will be given an Extended Eligibility Temporary Visa. It will allow you to stay here for 2 years with the right to work.

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  • You must intend to marry and live with your prospective spouse.
  • Must have met your prospective spouse in person.
  • If opting for USA then you intend to marry within 90 days of arrival.
  • Provide proof of financial status.

Speak to an expert to check your eligibility to apply as a Spouse/Fiancee .

Process Time

  • Y-Axis process time: 3 Days -1 week from the date of submission of the documents to Y-Axis.
  • Visa process time: 1 week to 3 months from the time of submittal of documents to VFS / Consulate. Process time Varies as per the visa type and country.

Y-Axis Process

  • Documentation Advisory Service.
  • Assistance with the sample formats.
  • Guidance on the financial support documents.
  • Application form filling.
  • Preparing for Interview (if required).


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