Eligibility Advisory Service For Investor Visa

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Eligibility Advisory Service For Investor Visa


Our technical Evaluation report is a graphical Illustration of the country opted by you.

It confirms your eligibility parameters, brief country profile, brief occupation profile, transparency sheet of costs and time, the probability of your success not only based on the embassy updates but also on our experience with numerous successful profiles, our deliverables and critical documents.

The reports will be issued by the facts provided by you in your Resume, Info Collection Form and roles confirmation based on your experience and the embassy requirement.

There could be further documents required based on the review of the above documents.

A positive report is an indication that we can take up your case further and work on assisting you in filling your application. A negative report will indicate that we cannot process the application for the country opted, however, we would be able to look at the next best possible option.

We highly recommend that if we do issue a positive report, a decision must be taken within 48 hours. Immigration rules change frequently, so it’s always advisable that you process your application when you are eligible else you might become ineligible.

*Please note that a report is valid only for 6 months. In case you would want to take your case ahead and it’s been more than a month, kindly request a re-evaluation.

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Points Test

To qualify for an Investor Visa we must get a basic understanding of the below factors:

  • Funds that are available or can be arranged for to invest overseas
  • Whether funds available are in FD’s or Saving bank accounts in a reputed bank.
  • Your English language proficiency skills based on Educational qualification or IELTS.
  • Prior business experience if any.

Process Flow

  • Evaluation reports will be generated within 48 hours from the time the payment is made and the required documents are submitted.
  • Evaluation consultant will review your details and roles confirmation and issue the report
  • In case we would need further clarifications, we will request the same.
  • The positive report will mean you can take your process ahead with us and discuss the same in detail with your Immigration consultant.
  • Please discuss all your queries based on our report only and take your process ahead

Step 1:

Visit/call/email our consultant with your friend or family for a discussion;

Step 2:

Register for a free Counseling session with our expert consultant;

Step 3:

Pay for our technical Evaluation to get a confirmation on your eligibility.

Step 4:

Start your process by speaking to your Immigration Consultant

Mandatory Documents:

  • Resume
  • Info Collection Form
  • Roles and Responsibilities Confirmation

Y-Axis Deliverables

  • The Evaluation process is towards understanding your eligibility with respect to Investor category for both of you and the type of visa you are applying.
  •  In your technical evaluation, you will be informed with the points you scored, IELTS requirements, Experience requirements, Processing stages, Application fees, our deliverable, our fees, additional costs and other important details.
  •  You are required to provide us complete information with respect to your Personal details/Education /Employment and other requisites as per the forms provided.
  •  We have our processing center only in Hyderabad and your Technical evaluation will be processed by our team here.
  •  After finalizing your evaluation, the report will be generated as per the current points system.
  •  All your correspondence during the process will be communicated by your consultant to us.
  •  Evaluation report generated does not confirm a success; it describes your eligibility provided the mentioned requirements and points are met.

Process Timelines

Y-Axis Process time -Evaluation – 2 Business days;

Further process times will be confirmed in the report

*Depending on the clarifications needed we may take more time to research and give you an update.

Refund Policy:

No refund for this product, in case of a negative report we will issue one country complementary evaluation based on your eligibility.


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