NZ Temporary Work Visa Under Family Stream Category

Want to migrate to Canada along with your partner?

This visa will allow you and your partner to live and work in New Zealand



New Zealand Family Stream Category work visa is available for people:

Who wants to join their partner in New Zealand on work basis, That People may be eligible for a work visa under Family Stream.

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Any person who is applying for a visa whose application is reliant solely on being the partner of a visa holder/applicant may only be granted a visa if an immigration officer is satisfied that:

  • The couple complies with the minimum requirements for recognition of partnerships the couple is living together in a genuine and stable relationship and
  • Their partner supports the application; and
  • Their partner meets the character requirements

Sponsors can be meeting the below status to support your visa application and also meet additional requirements accordingly.

What this visa lets you do?

  • Visa will be allowed for 6 months to 2 years based on the sponsor visa/status in New Zealand.
  • Will allow you to accompany your partner and also work rights.

Application Cost

  • Visa Fees – NZD 375

*Other costs like Notary, translation, courier charge, DD charges will also exist and these costs vary based on the 3rd parties.


As per New Zealand immigration rules, it is mandatory to process an application or take an immigration advice from a Licensed immigration adviser. Y-Axis has partnered with a Licensed immigration advisers in New Zealand for the promotion of New Zealand Immigration Services in India.

Process Timeline

Visa process may take from 1-4 months depending on the processing country/department and the numbers of applications in the pipeline.


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