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If you are planning to go to a country and you are not sure of your eligibility for the same, contact our experts at Y-Axis. On receiving you profile we will confirm your eligibility or ineligibility for a particular country. We provide you with a report that reflects your status in this regard and it is entirely based on the information you provide us with. This will help you make the right decision.

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Program Details

Advisory report gives you the following information which helps you in analyzing various thing related to profile for specific country.

  • Salary range in the specific country related to your profile and experience.
  • Cost of living per person per month in the country.
  • Locations which are having high demand for your profile in the specific country.
  • Information related to job roles, designations etc are also mentioned.


Advisory report has been done keeping in mind the following: 

  • Age.
  • Occupation.
  • Work Experience.
  • Your country of preference.

Y-Axis Process

  • Y-RWS – Word Resume, Cover Letter  as per International standards.
  • Y-LinkedIn profile – An effective LinkedIn profile.
  • Y-Social –  Web presence report and guidelines on how to enhance the social networking sites related to job search.
  • Y-Jobs – Applying to the live / open jobs.

Application Cost

Reference table related to different products and their prices:



Price in INR

Smart Applicant Service Advisory Report

1 Country


Smart Applicant Service Advisory Report

2 Countries


Smart Applicant Service (SAS)Advisory Report  Couple

Same Country


Smart Applicant Service (SAS) Advisory Report Couple

2  different Countries

1000 (For each


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