Job Search Service For 1 State With Immigration Process For Opted Country

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  • Y-Axis can help you get a job overseas while you are in your home country itself.
  • We have been very successful in this area and helped many clients find suitable positions overseas.
  • The best part of this service is you have someone who sends your resume to employers who are looking for people with your profile.


The simplest way to file an immigration petition and find a job abroad is here. Y-Axis brings to you a package you have always wished for. It includes international standard resume writing, online job search, and filing an immigration petition to one of your favorite countries.

After years of study of your immigration requirements, Y-Axis Immigration Consultants have brought it all together for you. Different package to suit different requirements. This one is for skilled professionals who wish to permanently migrate and work abroad. Yet cannot do so because of their busy lifestyle, financial constraints and lack of direction. If you are one of them, see below how the program works:

Stage 1 – Immigration Petition

Being the best in the industry, Y-Axis first counsels you. Keeps open all the options. Let’s you choose one. Then, evaluates your profile to check if you qualify. If you do, the immigration process is accordingly followed and a petition is filed. On receiving a positive visa decision, starts the next step.

Stage 2 – Resume Writing

An international resume is prepared by our expert resume writers. You provide the required personal and professional information and leave the rest to Y-Axis resume writing department. It’s all done in a short span of time citing your travel plans.

Stage 3 – Job Search Service

This is an added advantage. While you are packing your bags to migrate, Y-Axis Job Search Service (JSS) division starts marketing your resume. In some cases, it’s done only after you land in your dream country so as to let you attend the interviews in person. Your country specific format resume reaches out to hundreds of employers, recruitment agencies, and job portals. Thus making it easy for you to migrate and begin a new life.

This package is applicable if you are interested in applying for the Immigration service along with the SAS service.

For Y-Axis, it’s not about money. It’s about you! Your success story adds one to ours as well. Check more details with Y-Axis.

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  • Age: 21 to 50 years only.
  • Education: Diploma / Bachelors / Masters or Higher.
  • Experience: 2+ years of work experience is mandatory.
  • English: Must be able to read, write & speak English proficiently (IELTS/TOEFL is not compulsory but is recommended).
  • Deliverable: Y-RWS + Y-Jobs.
  • Documents Needed: Submit our Y-Work Sheet and your current resume.
  • Process time: 2-3 weeks for Resume Writing and 6 weeks for Marketing.

Y-Axis Process

  • Y-RWS – Word Resume, Cover Letter  as per International standards.
  • Y-LinkedIn profile – An effective LinkedIn profile.
  • Y-Social –  Web presence report and guidelines on how to enhance the social networking sites related to job search.
  • Y-Jobs – Applying to the live / open jobs.

Benefits Of Smart Application Service (Resume Writing, Resume Marketing) + Immigration

Y-Axis knows the immigration industry like no one else. We understand your requirements and hence have this package ‘SAS + Immigration’. What are its benefits?

  • You file for immigration, get an international standard resume, and even find a job being in your home country
  • You get what you always dreamt of – immigration, resume writing, job search service – in one single package
  • The package fee is pocket-friendly and designed to fit in the budget constraints of everyone
  • It saves your time and efforts
  • There’s no placement fee.

*Please Note:

Y-AXIS does not charge you a placement fee to get you a job. We only market your resume using the latest technology and resources. We do not provide/guarantee jobs or arrange an employment.


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